The Nutrient Missing in Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancer and The Flu

By. Dr. Ben Lerner

Supplements, especially a good form of Vitamin D, can significantly help you overcome and manage a number of health issues. Consult with your Maximized Living doctor for recommendations for personalized recommendations.

You should get enough Vitamin D from the sun.  However, in modern society, even in sunny states, people are rarely outdoors.  Thus, the need to swallow it.  Again, it’s important to mention, the need to get all your Vitamin D is great.  A study done recently in the Archives of Internal Medicine showed that 75% of Americans do not get enough Vitamin D and this can have negative consequences to immunity and cardiovascular function.  Vitamin D can also virtually eliminate a child’s risk for type 1 diabetes and is extremely effective in helping in the treatment of type 2 diabetes.

The point is, you can’t get away with not supplementing.  It’s not simply something you “should do” it’s something you have to do.

Similar to the effects of modern living on Vitamin D levels, today’s food production system and eating lifestyle all but eliminates any chance you’ll get the nutrients you need.  Farming exhausts the nutrients from our soil so they are no longer present in high doses, even in natural foods.  In addition, foods go through a refining process that further depletes nutrients.  So even the best eaters of fruits and vegetables aren’t getting the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes they need.  And let’s face it – most people are the best of fruit and veggie eaters making this problem intense.

The scary part of vitamin deficiency is that it’s generally not something you’re going to be aware of.  In some cases, you have symptoms or get ill and assume this is just a “normal” part of life.  In other cases, severe disease develops and the assumption is that it’s again – “normal” and/or genetics and bad luck.

When we’ve tested the average person, even here in sunny Florida, we find Vitamin D levels well below 50.  Usually more like 15-25.  This makes you and your family extremely susceptible to a host of unhealthy things.  A healthy range is 60-80 with too much or too little being unhealthy.  If you’re not getting safe sun exposure on a daily basis, you’ll need to supplement with oral Vitamin D.


  1. QUALITY MATTERS: Remember – like any nutrient, a supplement is not a supplement.  Quality not only matters – it’s everything.  When you buy cheap vitamins I always say, “Just throw them directly into the toilet and cut out the middle man.”
  2. CLEAN MATTERS: Poor quality nutrients are not only poorly absorbed or not absorbed at all – they can be toxic.  Since we have vitamins manufactured for us, we’re very aware of the fact that the source the nutrients come from and how they’re manufactured can vary greatly.
  3. YOU MATTER: Who you are determines amounts and types of nutrients.  While there are basics we all need, amounts and additional requirements vary based on age, gender, weight, lifestyle, health profile and the types of stresses you endure.

Check with your Maximized Living doctor for the correct type and amount of Vitamin D and other important nutrients you’re not getting from modern living.  In today’s world, supplementation is something you have to be doing on a regular basis to stay well.  It’s just not about taking your One a Day if you feel like it anymore….

While every problem has unique needs, the ML Principle is the same when it comes to all conditions:

STEP 1: Build health.  If you work towards getting the body well and working right again, all conditions improve or are eliminated.

STEP 2: Look at causes.  Whether it’s diabetes, asthma, ADD/ADHC, chronic infections, pain, fatigue, cancer, or Alzheimer’s – there’s an underlying reason.  Conditions are rarely there as simply a result of genetics or bad luck.  Might be easy to call it that – but just not true.

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