Who Told You…It Won’t Happen To You?

By Dr. Ben Lerner

The only thing worse than believing a lie is believing something to be true that isn’t.  People can spend years or lifetimes living on the basis of a “fact” that isn’t, thus robbing themselves of the full measure of health, pleasure, and opportunity that they were born to experience.

Something we’ve noticed when working with the public is that no one thinks it’s going to happen to them. As a result, the important and vital 5 Essentials that we teach and provide for that are absolutely necessary for health and a future, are often ignored.  Here’s what people who think it’s not going to happen to them often say out loud or to themselves:

“That’s not me…

…I don’t have heart disease.”

…I don’t have cancer. “

…My grandparents never took care of themselves and they lived into their 90s”

…My kids aren’t overweight.”

…I won’t end up with Alzheimer’s, diabetes, arthritis, etc.”

But it is you. Why wouldn’t it be?  What is it that you’re doing so differently that puts you in the minority?

Of all the causes of disease and early death, it’s no doubt that the number one cause is denial.  Too many people today are acting like they’re getting away with something as if the angel of death is going to pass over their door because they’re somehow granted immunity from the consequences of wrong living.

Don’t be like the common person who unconsciously hurts themselves by not consciously considering what they’re doing to their bodies and what’s going on inside of them.  We know a whole lot of good people knocking down two to ten Diet Cokes a day and not consciously thinking about the toxic consequences of a black, artificially sweetened and colored liquid will have on their body and ultimately everything important in their lives.

You want to be a person of conscience.  You want to be a person who lives consciously—who pays attention to the truth and doesn’t “wish it away” with magical thinking.  Wake up and say, “It is going to be me—unless I do something about it.”

Let others do things without thinking – but not you.

A lack of eating well, exercising, and going consistently to the correct “places of health” is often relegated down to a lack of discipline; however, it’s really not a lack of anything but rather an abundance of denial.  When it comes to your well-being, ignorance is not bliss.  Ignorance is a quick trip to crisis-ville and a high potential for a shortened life that ends in suffering and harms those around you.

People who embrace the consequences of their actions have incredible discipline and resolve.  Look at what happens to someone who ends up with a bad report of serious disease from their doctor.  Suddenly they have incredible levels of discipline. Time and finding the money are no longer a factor.  Why? Because denial is over.

My personal example is that I don’t like taking supplements.  Even though I had a nutrition degree and knew the need and the value, I used to say, “I’ll get that from my food.”  Talk about denial!  Even though I eat the Maximized Living way, no one knows more than I do that you need to supplement.  As I hit my 40s (will be 44 in a few weeks), I noticed well-being dropping off.  Thankfully, rather than doing what 5 out of 6 people do and saying, “I’m getting old” – I woke up instead.  I got conscious – and now for three years have taken my ML regime: Protein powder smoothie for breakfast, ML Detox System – daily, ML-omega, and Vitamin D.  The result is that along with a strong focus on spinal correction and exercise, I now feel better than I did when I was a college wrestler.   The benefit of thinking is often well-being!

The other benefit to waking up is that there’s a future in it.  How many people really think about where the lifestyle they’re leading right now will leave them in five, ten, or twenty years?

One of the greatest wins in sports history was when the 1980 U.S. Olympic “Miracle” Hockey Team beat Russia.  If they went the way of the common man, they would’ve gotten killed.  Instead they won a gold medal.  As Herb Brooks, the coach of the team said, ‘You can’t be common. The common man goes nowhere;  You’ve got to be uncommon.”1

There’s nothing common about common sense.  Be uncommon and wake up.  Be a person of conscience.