Jeans Are What You Wear….Genes Do NOT Determine Your Weight

Genes act as the bullets in a gun, but your lifestyle and habits pull the trigger to fire the loaded weapon.  Obesity has become an epidemic, but not only because of laziness but because your body has “forgotten” how it is suppose to work due to the toxic assault you have put it through.

Two years ago a study out of New Zealand challenged the myth that obesity is caused by “bad genes.”  In what was considered a breakthrough discovery, scientists confirmed that genetic pre-disposition to obesity is entirely preventable through good nutrition. The key to this gene-reversal was the appetite-controlling, fat burning hormone leptin.

Let’s say you, like many Americans, eat loads of sugar, bread, baked goods, crackers, cookies and countless other carbs. Your body doesn’t know how to handle all of that sugar, so it continues turning it into fat to get it out of your bloodstream.  For awhile, you’ll keep gaining weight, and this is actually in response to your cells keeping you alive by turning the excess sugar into fat.

As the body becomes overwhelmed with the constant bombardment of carbs, you not only end up with excessive weight gain, but diabetes. Insulin levels go up, insulin producing cells burnout, and your body becomes leptin resistant.  Leptin resistance means in a nutshell that appetite control and fat burning become extremely to totally ineffective.

The solution is not a low-fat diet, but rather to eat less carbs and sugar , and more healthy fats.  Yes, MORE healthy fats!  This way, your body can easily burn the sugar that you do eat and continues to be adept at burning fat as well. You’ll stay leaner and healthier, and you’ll feel fuller too.  The key here though is “healthy” fats, not just any type of fat.  When foods are eaten in the correct ratios and time, your body begins to function and burn fat like it knows how.

These simple principles are called hormone based weight loss.  These are principles that Maximized Living teaches through eating GOD foods and surge training in order to restore proper function of your body.

Are you doing everything that Maximized Living teaches to ensure that your body is balancing hormones properly?

The study stressed the importance of good nutrition habits starting in children, proving that genes don’t determine your weight. So, are you teaching your family, friends, and co-workers the 5 Essentials?

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