Cancer Costs Skyrocket – Avoid Cancer and an Empty Pocketbook!

By Dr. David Schwartz

Last year cancer cost Americans an estimated $124.6 billion. This number is expected to continue to increase sixty percent over the next decade and total over $207 billion by 2020.1 Cancer treatments are the most expensive medical therapies and medication costs per month and can put you into bankruptcy.  The newer drug Avastin will cost you twenty thousand per year.  The drug Herceptin will run you over forty thousand per year.  Both those costs are out of pocket expenses. 2

These drug treatments are expensive and Avastin was recently moved to be recalled by the FDA for causing heart failure in breast cancer patients.3  Not only are you spending your retirement funds fighting to regain your health with dangerous medications and surgical procedures, the odds are they won’t bring your health back.
It is a fact that every person has cancer cells floating around in their body at all times.  By the time a medical test can diagnose you with cancer that cancer has already grown to several billion cells.4

According to medical author Andreas Moritz, “Cancer is not a disease; it is the final most desperate survival mechanism the body has at its disposal. It only takes control of the body when all other measures of self-preservation have failed.”  Treat cancer not like a disease, but as an injury to the body.  When you sprain your ankle, it swells for protection.  When you neglect your body and health, your body will build cancer cells for protection.

Fight for your health so you are not fighting disease!

In order to prevent cancer and save your bank account you must take a pro-active stance and spend now on your health in order to avoid costly medical procedures in the future.  There are many, many things our doctors do to boost immunity and help your body fend off cancer before it can settle in and do damage to your body.

Here are some immediate action steps to avoid cancer and save money:

1. Chiropractic Adjustments: Practice good spinal hygiene.  The organs of immunity are controlled by your spine and nervous system.  Work with your local Maximized Living doctor’s office to make sure you are maximizing nerve supply.
2.  Cut sugar from the diet! Thanks to Dr. Otto Warburg in 1931, we know for a fact that cancer feeds on sugar! Do not give cancer a chance to grow; remove sugar from your diet.  (Join the authors of the Maximized Living Nutrition Plans Book for a free webinar on Tuesday, January 25, 2011 at 7 p.m. further help on how to remove sugar from your diet and lose weight.  Register on today).
3. Eat leafy green vegetables that are high in nutrient density and support body function and elimination (Kale, Collards, Bok Choy, Spinach).
4.  Remove bad fats from your diet and replace them with good healthy fats (Avocado, Coconut, Almonds).
5. Minimize toxins in your system. Toxic exposure through pesticides, herbicides, skin care products, PCB’s, VOC’s, dioxins, heavy metals, and chlorine are all cancer causing agents.  These things are highly present in plastics, tap water (and many bottled waters), home care products, medicines, packaged foods, cleaners, furniture, wall coverings, paints, and fabrics. Reducing exposure helps, but you can’t avoid what is now a very high daily dose.  Your body can not metabolize and eliminate these toxins – you’ve got to detox your body to the cellular level.  Products like the ML Detox System work to do this.

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