The “Roots” of Hair Loss

By Dr. Blake Livingood

What causes hair loss and balding, and is it inevitable? Read on to learn why losing your hair isn’t inevitable and what you can do to avoid or delay your hair loss.

Losing hair is one of the most uncomfortable and embarrassing things that can happen to our bodies for men and women.  Balding is an ever present part of our society affecting nearly 50 million people today.   Many are first affected by age 35.  The easy way out is to blame it all on our parents and think we are stuck with the hand we were dealt!  If you are balding, or have the bloodline to possibly be bald, are you just ok with that?

Many other factors play into the thinning and loss of hair besides genetics:

Hormones: The body needs a good balance of hormones.  If the body has too much testosterone it forms in to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which damages hair and leads to faster baldness.   The trigger of Testosterone to DTH leads to more hair damage.  So, if the body is not regulating its hormones at 100% then more damage is done to the hair.

Nutrition: Lack of protein and iron leads to hair loss and damaged hair. The body is made up of what we put into it.  If it is not getting the correct fuel that God intended it to get, then parts of it malfunction – like losing hair.

Stress: Too much anger, long hours at work, unhappiness, and a stressed out mind lead to direct effects to the body. Your body can only handle so much stress on itself before it starts to give. Rather than shutting down a vital organ or jeopardizing your life, the body instead cuts off life to the not so vital parts of itself, like your hair. Too much worrying and stewing just leads to less hair.

By avoiding the above factors and giving your health and body what it needs, you can decrease your chances, or at least prolong, the hair loss process.

With Maximized Living you can avoid or delay this haunting process of man by doing these things:

1.  You must detox the body so that toxins do not interfere with your hormone making process. That way you will have the right hormones, in the right amount, at the right time.  Common toxins actually mimic hormones and cause severe glandular issues leading to all disease including symptoms like unhealthy hair.
2.  You need to follow the Maximized Living Nutrition Plans book to Maximize the ingredients your body gets to work with each day to build a healthier you.
3.   De-stress. Maximized Living’s Essential[1.] is having a strong mind and decreasing stress. Our dynamic programs walk you through controlling this area of your life.
4.   Your nervous system must be working at 100%. The nervous system controls hair growth in your body. If the nerves to your hormones or to your hair are blocked, there is no way your body is growing and keeping hair.  The common and likely way to disrupt nerve flow is with an unhealthy spine.  Trauma, stress, poor posture, and chemical exposure can all cause spinal issues.

These 4 easy steps will help make a healthier, hairier you!!

Check for the Maximized Living Nutrition Plans book, the Maximized Living detox program with our ML Detox System, and find a Maximized Living doctor near you!

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