The “Top 5” When it Comes to Health


Photo courtesy of istockphoto and thinkstock
Almost every day, the media brings us new and important discoveries in health and wellness. Just this week we were given new findings related to omega-3 supplements, anti-depressants and stroke. Still, amidst all the latest research, it’s important to never forget the “Top 5” basic keys to good health and longevity.
Develop Mental Discipline. Numerous times per day, your brain makes decisions that affect health. Will you drink water or a soft drink? An apple or a candy bar? Healthy meat and veggies or a hamburger and fries? A healthy lifestyle starts in your head. Information provided in blogs like this is crucial, but learning to consistently act on the information is also absolutely necessary.  Remain mindful and motivated.
Practice Proper Breathing. If you doubt this one, try holding your breath for 5 minutes and see how you feel.  Better yet, stoop forward and hang your head down, like you just heard bad or stressful news. In that depressed position, take a deep breath and exhale. Now, stand straight with your head high and shoulders back. Take a deep breath and exhale. Notice how much more life-giving oxygen you provided to the trillions of cells in your body when you sat or stood up straight and breathed properly. This simple change can give you a boost in energy every day of your life, as well as reduce stress.
Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate.  Our planet is 70% water and so is your body in its most healthy state. However, numerous studies suggest that up 90 % of Americans are dehydrated most of the time.  How much water should you drink daily? Many health professionals suggest dividing your body weight in half and drinking at least that many ounces of water daily. Think how quickly plants shrivel up and begin to die without lots of water. You require the same.
Thrive on Motion and Movement.  Humans did not evolve to sit in one place for hours upon hours. A sedentary lifestyle will slowly but surely kill you. There are numerous 5-minute exercises you can do throughout the day in your home or office, in addition to the longer exercise routines you should be doing 3-5 times per week.
Avoid Contaminated or Low Grade Fuel.  You are what you eat, and a healthy body requires daily amounts of natural, living foods. Artificial food designed to look and taste good is worthless at best and usually full of deadly toxins. Even if your body is able to remove many toxins over time, the energy used takes away from other crucial processes. Eat well – you’ll like how you feel and perform.
Once you’ve mastered the “Top 5,” keep going!  Optimal health is a journey with many factors. Your local Maximized Living doctor can help you get to the next level of health no matter where you are in your journey.