Chemo, Radiation Can Increase Malignancy of Tumors

Flawed Therapies

Tumors consist of a diverse collection of cells, many of which are harmless (benign). The cancer stem cell is the most dangerous and is also very difficult to locate.   There is only about one cancer stem cell for every 10,000 benign cells.

According to recent research, traditional cancer treatments may actually incite the growth of more of these dangerous cancer stem cells. These stem cells promote tumor growth as well as cause cancer to spread within the body.

In an interview with, Dr. Chiang Li of Harvard Medical School in Boston, said “Radiation and chemotherapy not only might create cancer stem cells, any pre-existing cancer stem cells in a tumor were very resistant to radiation and chemotherapy, so they remain as well.

“This could help explain why these therapies are sometimes not as effective as we might hope.”

Understanding Tumors

Chemotherapy and radiation therapy have only been shown to have the ability to reduce overall tumor mass in certain kinds of tumors. In no case do they significantly reduce the number of cancer stem cells within the tumor.

Even if the tumor shrinks with conventional medical treatments, the dangerous, treatment-resistant cancer stem cells, remain within your body. An additional, serious concern here is that—because benign cells are predominantly targeted and destroyed by chemotherapy and radiation—the ratio of stem cells to non-stem cells increases.

As a result, tumors can actually become more malignant as treatment progresses.

Cancer stem cells are also responsible for tumor progression. Such progression increases risk of death. This process has been shown to occur despite chemotherapy treatment. The remaining presence of stem cells can trigger a later cancerous growth.

“If we are thinking about a way to get rid of the tumor forever, it’s important to make sure that not only the bulk of the tumor disappears, but also the cancer stem cells,” said María Vivanco of the Center for Cooperative Research in Biosciences in Bilbao, Spain. Vivanco and her colleagues researched stem cells while studying the effects of estrogen on the development of breast cancer.

Reliable Alternatives?

Studies continue to show that chemotherapy and radiation rarely provide a comprehensive, safe solution to cancer. Thus far, America’s multi-billion-dollar search for a cure has provided only a handful of insufficient treatments that cause dozens of side effects. As a result, an increasing number of people are seeking alternative cancer treatments that are safe, natural and do not lead to bankruptcy.

The human body was designed to kill cancer. Lifestyle factors, which account for 90-95 percent of cancer diagnoses, address cell make up throughout the body.  By addressing poor lifestyle habits, the average person can stop cancer from developing.

This certainly represents the safest, most powerful weapon in the battle against cancer.

In patients who are cancer-free, training the body to continually destroy harmful cancer cells is the most practical option. The average person can drastically reduce his or her risk of cancer by simply addressing core elements of bodily function like diet, exercise and level of toxicity.

Diagnosed cancer patients can utilize these same proven steps to improve their chances of overcoming this deadly disease.

Learn to Kill Cancer Naturally

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