Are you or your child the next guinea pig?

“If you rush to take a drug, do so with the full knowledge that you are being a Guinea Pig. The longer a drug is on the market, the more will be known about the side effects.” – Dr. Robert S. Mendelsohn, M.D.

A quote in Forbes Magazine, May, 2006 stated, “We find out a drug is unsafe after the bodies accumulate!”

It’s sad but true, doctors and scientists know nothing about the drugs you take until after someone has been taking them for a long time to make them sick or kill them. They are using you and your children as guinea pigs to find out how dangerous the drugs are.

According to Business Week, May 29, 2006,  the medical doctors interviewed said, “everything we do is based on rules and traditions, not scientific evidence. Only 15% of medical treatment and advice are scientifically validated.”

What doctor’s are doing now is the best they know at the time, and years later we will find out how dangerous what they did was. That’s why medicine is now the #1 leading cause of death in the U.S., because they are experimenting on us everyday.

While the technology advances dramatically every year, Chiropractic principles and it’s purpose have not changed in 107 years. The purpose A Chiropractic adjustment is to reduce pressure off the nerves, so life can flow back into the body, and give you your best chance to heal and/or be healthy. This will never change. We’ll keep getting better, but the principle is truth and will not alter. That’s why 28 million children and adults are under regular Chiropractic care and why Chiropractic is so safe. So safe, that while M.D.s pay up to $200,000/year for mal-practice insurance, you pay more for your car insurance then most chiropractors pay for their mal-practice (as little as $900/yr.).

How many more babies, children and adults have to suffer when we know the answer to save their life? Make an appointment with one of our Maximized Living doctors today and finally start living the way God intended!

Source:  The above story is based on materials provided by Maximized Nerve Supply