Lose Weight with this short workout secret

Are you ready to get RIPPED?

Do you want the body you have always dreamed of?  

Unfortunately, as you have heard time and again, Americans are pudgy, over-weight, obese, and down-right fat.  Also many are depressed – because that’s what they see when they look in the mirror!  Well, guess what?  There is a specific type of POWERFUL exercise that is crucial to reaching your true health potential.  Studies have even shown that exercise is just as effective as drug therapy for depression and continued exercise is effective to keep depression from recurring.


Do you think that you don’t have the time to work-out?  

You don’t have the money for a gym membership? 

Maximized Living doctors are trained in cutting edge exercise programs to teach you the best work-outs that literally only take minutes a day – called “Surge Training“.  You don’t need a gym membership or an expensive home gym either; these surge training work-outs can be done right at home.  Does this sound too good to be true?  Well, it’s not.  But the hardest part is deciding to make the change, to get up and move. It’s YOU who ultimately must decide to change your life, but let our trained Maximized Living doctors help you reach your goals!

Move to a better state of health, literally.  Our daily work-outs have all but been removed from our 21st century fast-paced life-style.  It seems there are a million and one reasons to continue to avoid the dreadful idea of exercise: “I don’t have the time, working out hurts, exercising is boring, I have to go to a gym, I’m too old.” The list seems to go on and on with excuse after excuse.  The problem is that these are all LIES you are telling yourself!  The best work-outs take only minutes a day, you don’t need a gym or extensive home equipment, it’s fun and anyone can do it!

What you have to do is break down these old limiting beliefs about exercise and realize the revolutionary benefits to surge training.

When people think about exercising to lose weight they immediately think about spending countless hours of pain on the treadmill, spending hours in the gym, on the bike or in an aerobics class.  While there are many cardiovascular benefits to aerobic exercise, it can actually be doing more harm than good. Cortisol is a stress hormone that is released during long aerobic work-outs. It actually increases fat storage and muscle break down.  You are never going to lose the 10, 20, 50 extra pounds by designing your body to store fat and decrease lean muscle.

The idea of working out is to burn fat, increase lean muscle and supply your body with oxygen.  The exact opposite of what aerobic exercise does for the body!

The best and most efficient exercise is a high intensity, short duration work-out.  This is SURGE TRAINING!  You give a short burst of maximal energy out put. When you do this type of work-out it produces a hormone HGH (human growth hormone).  This type of work-out safely shocks the body’s physiology into becoming a muscle building, fat burning machine.

Instead of burning fat for an hour on a treadmill, a surge training session will spike your metabolism, produce HGH, and build lean muscle that will keep your body burning fat for up to the following 48 hours!!! The benefits to exercise and increasing muscle to fat ratio:  increase energy, fat loss, improve heart and lung health, aid in elimination of toxins, improve libido, better sleep, fight depression and create better self image, manage blood sugar.


This is a work-out style; it can be done with almost any type of exercise.  It can be done at home with little to NO equipment.  It can be designed to push the most advanced athletes and it is as easy to do for any beginner.  The basic idea is 20 seconds of maximal effort, 20 seconds of rest(recovery) for 3 cycles then a 2 minute rest and repeat.  The more muscle groups that are involved in the exercise the better.


Start surge training and move to a higher state of health than you’ve ever had in your life!  Reach your health TRUE health potential today.

To get more information about SURGE Training visit http://maxt3.com or stop by a Maximized Living Doctor in your area.

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