Snack on Raw Nuts to Prevent Weight Gain

An “extra portion” of raw nuts each day can promote steady, long-term weight loss.

While calorie-counting is the popular theory (and is fundamentally correct), it still does not work for everyone aiming to lose weight. When paired with regular exercise, eating  for nutrient content while honoring your body’s satiety (fullness) is a smarter weight-loss strategy than counting calories.

Understanding Weight Gain

Throughout life, people tend to gain weight slowly. This allows the ill effects of significant weight gain to develop unnoticed.

Unseen sugars and unnatural, damaged fats are far too prevalent in the average diet. Sugar promotes fat storage and overeating, while unhealthy fats cause chronic inflammation and fatigue. Each of these factors disrupts natural hormone function, which contributes to long-term weight gain. Healthy, natural fats–like avocado, olive oil, raw coconut and others–supply the body with a reliable source of fuel, which the body promptly burns for energy.

The fat in raw walnuts, almonds, cashews and other nuts provides a natural source of energy. It is also very filling, which prevents mindless snacking and encourages portion control.

The Truth About Fat

A study of 120,000 subjects revealed an average weight gain of 16.8 pounds over a 20-year period. That’s less than 1 pound gained per year, which equates to an extra 50-100 calories each day–or one Snickers Fun Size per day for 20 years.1

This study, performed by a research team for the Harvard School of Public Health, reveals the potential consequences of mindless eating, as well as the positive effects of subtle, yet thoughtful lifestyle changes.

The study leader, professor Dariush Mozaffarian, said, “This makes it easy to gain weight unintentionally, but also demonstrates the tremendous opportunity for prevention. A handful of the right lifestyle changes will go a long way.”

The positive effects of eating raw, full-fat nuts do not end at healthy weight management. Healthy fatsimprove skin and hair health, as well as provide a boost to the central nervous system (CNS). A fully functioning CNS, supported with regular chiropractic adjustments and high quality nutrition, allows the body to further detoxify itself without having to overcome outside interference.

Though it does not coincide with the pervading wellness doctrine found in well-known websites and magazines, this information has been known for decades. Instead, fat-free and low-calorie products have dominated most health headlines. Recent studies have determined that these synthetic options cause inflammation, inhibit the immune system, and actually promote long-term weight gain by increasing sugar consumption.

Fats bring flavor to food. When fats are removed from foods so they can be marketed as fat-free, they lose their appetizing taste. To replace lost flavor, sugars or artificial sweeteners are injected. This flawed system disrupts hormone function in favor of a now-debunked sales ploy.

In actuality, about 20-30 percent of calories consumed should come from natural, unprocessed fats. Saturated fat can actually be beneficial to your health, yet damaged, trans fats are always bad for you. Remember, any trans fats have been linked to the development of type 2 diabetes, chronic joint pain and even cancer.2

What You Can Do

Whole foods are loaded with nutrients that keep you fuller, longer. By eating high-quality organic foods, you graze through snacks less often while supporting your body’s healthy function. Enjoy the fullness and energy that accompany clean foods. When you can, choose raw foods. The body can more easily absorb and utilize  nutrients from raw sources.

Admittedly, this information is counter-intuitive. Talk to a Maximized Living wellness doctor for more information.

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