What Is the Difference Between Medicine and Chiropractic?

It’s a matter of models. The first cars, the first airplanes, the first boats, the first homes – all were failures.

Many of these failures ended in death (car explosions, plane crashes, boats sinking, etc). Why? Wrong model.  Decent theory, bad plan.

The Medical Model utilizes chemicals and surgeries to alter body function so that the symptoms will be eliminated and potentially dangerous function will be altered or removed. Sounds like it could work – only one problem; really, really bad side-effects (explosions, crashes, deaths, etc). Sounded like a good theory, bad plan.  Certainly, in the case of trauma or life threatening illness, the model can be worth the risk.  The challenge has become that the line between a self limiting condition and what truly is life threatening has been massively blurred.

The Maximized Living Model has no hazardous results.  Hundreds of thousands have been participating in this model for years without a plane crash. What can go wrong with Maximum function due to applying 5 lifestyle essentials to support good health?

How Do the Essentials of Maximized Living Work?

The Depression Example: Depression and anxiety are horrible problems to have.  Yet, the conditions have been found to be associated with multiple causes, not just one. To get well, address the causes, don’t just use drugs.

While there are rare cases when there are actual organic issues with the brain, the large majority suffer from the effects of modern lifestyle, not brain problems.

These damaging effects and their resolution are solved through the Five Essentials of Maximized Living:

  • Essential #1: Toxicity affects hormone balance and glandular function.
  • Essential #2: Spinal health and function: Correcting vertebral alignment and posture has a marked effect on the Central Nervous System and how well it functions and produces well balanced body chemistry.
  • Essential #3: Nutrition:
    • Diet high in carbohydrates leave a constant level of insulin in the system which lowers serotonin levels and causes inflammation.
    • Omega 3 and Omega 6 ratios which Oxford and Harvard have found to be the first factor to address regarding depression.
    • Ph balance leading to inflammation.
    • Stimulants, sugars, and artificial additives on brain function.
    • Nutrient deficiency solved by food and supplementation.
  • Essential #4: Movement: A sedentary lifestyle has many damaging affects to function and mental health. That is why exercise consistently matches or exceeds the benefits of anti-depressants.
  • Essential #5: Stress, Sleep and Time: Identifying and resolving the affects of inadequate sleep, abundant stress, and negative attitude to slow down the neurotransmitter burnout these issues cause.

THE MAXIMIZED LIVING MODEL IS A GREAT PLAN and certainly should at the very least be the start when approaching a decision to get and keep your family well.