One Word That Can Save Your Life

Newsweek magazine published an article titled, “The One Word That Can Save Your Life. When it comes to medical tests and procedures such as: CT scans, mammograms, colonoscopies, medications, stents, etc. the one word that can save your life is:


In the case of PSA blood tests for prostate cancer, electrocardiograms to screen for heart irregularities, and mammograms, the research shows they lead to too many false positives, which leads to a “dangerous odyssey of tests and procedures,” according to Stephen Smith of Brown University School of Medicine. The research shows that these tests have not been shown to save lives.

Dr. Rita Redberg, professor of medicine at the University of California says that more health care often means worse health care. She states, “There are many areas of medicine where not testing, not imaging, and not treating actually results in better health outcomes.” Archives, which is owned by the American Medical Association has been publishing study after study about tests and treatments that do more harm than good.

The article goes on to say, “From PSA tests for prostate cancer (which more than 20 million U.S. men undergo every year) to surgery for chronic back pain to simple antibiotics for sinus infections, a remarkable number and variety of tests and treatments are now proving either harmful or only as helpful as a placebo.”

So, if medical tests and procedures are not the answer, what is? The answer is lifestyle and body function. You can’t concoct a study that doesn’t show that nearly all common disease, symptom, or illness is self-induced by how you’re living and how your body is functioning.

If problems were simply genetic, then all 3 brothers would have prostate cancer, both sisters would have breast cancer, and everyone in the family would die before 60 of a stroke or heart attack. If the problems were simply environmental, then if one person at work or one kid at school got cold symptoms – the whole office or school would have them. But, it never works out this way. Many studies show the only reason several people in the family all end up getting a similar condition is because the whole family lives similarly.

Rather than invasive tests and procedures, take control of your health and the way your body works. It’s far less expensive then tests, drugs, and surgery and the right habits and doctors that support your body’s function offer no side-effects other then well-being.

Living a lifestyle which incorporates The 5 EssentialsTM of Maximized Living hits all the components of health, immunity and good function. Many people think that health is just something you swallow or if you have great abs, you have nothing to worry about. Yet, if you’re trying to avoid the dangerous tests and procedures, it gets more complex. By taking in the right nutrients (not just being lighter), by exercising properly (not just being more ripped), and addressing the other essentials like a healthy spine and nervous system (which controls body function), you’re taking all of the right steps to be well.

When you’re well, you don’t get disease in the first place. Sometimes tests are necessary, but at their best, all they offer is early detection. You still have the disease and as the report above shows, are now exposed to dangerous medical cures.

Follow your Maximized Living doctor’s advice on the 5 Essentials – You’ll not only get well, but more importantly you’ll do something no test can do – stay well.