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We want to educate people about the power of chiropractic and empower them to live longer, healthier lives.

Chiro Nash

604 Gallatin Ave, Suite 100
Nashville, TN, 37206 US

Tel: (615) 592-0990


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About this maxliving clinic

We believe that the natural state of every person is health and wellness - not sickness and disease! Our patients come to us from all over Nashville and beyond for with their back pain, neck pain, headaches, and more - but what they find goes far beyond expectations of symptom relief. 
We work hard to address the CAUSE of disfunction in the body. We don’t just want to make your pain “feel better” - we want to find and correct the reason that pain is there to begin with! We know that damage to the spine and nervous system can affect literally every function of your body, and resolving this damage is vital to recovering your health. 
We deliver world-class care in a holistic approach that covers the nervous system, mental health, nutrition, fitness, and detox. This tried and true system is at use in hundreds of MaxLiving clinics across North America with thousands upon thousands of patients sharing the total life transformation that comes from understanding and cooperating with our bodies’ natural healing systems. 
Chiro Nash has been serving the East Nashville community since 2016. As Nashville natives, we chose this community because we love the diversity, culture, and vibrant growth that East Nashville is known for. Our aim is to be a vibrant contributor to the health and wellbeing of our friends and neighbors.
Chiro Nash

About our Team

Our team at Chiro Nash is one-of-a-kind! The powerful duo of Dr. James and Dr. Alissa Beuerlein bring an incredible combination of healing: one as a chiropractor, the other as a PhD Licensed Professional Counselor. Between healing the body and healing the mind - we’ve got you covered! Our staff come from diverse backgrounds, but we all share a deep love and commitment to the health and wellbeing of our patients. Read on to get to know us better!

Services & Benefits

Chiropractic Care

  • Specializing in whole family care: prenatal, pediatric, adult, and geriatric - our individualized structural corrective approach creates changes that last!

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Nutritional Counseling

  • We won’t put you on a ‘diet’ - instead we’ll teach the skills and principles that will serve you for a lifetime.

Mental Health

  • Personal counseling sessions specializing in trauma processing from hurts related to accidents, abuse, PTSD, anxiety, and depression.

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  • High intensity MaxT3 system for the best results in the shortest time. Appropriate for all fitness levels and abilities.


  • Individualized detox and supplementation protocols


  • Our calendar is packed with educational events in office, at larger venues, and for businesses and private audiences.

Discover the 5 Essentials

The 5 Essentials is a natural and effective way to align your health. By integrating chiropractic care with our four other powerful essentials —mindset, pure and simple nutrition, exercise, and minimizing toxins — MaxLiving gives you the tools you need for good health and longevity.

Core Chiropractic

The proper function of the nervous system through spinal correction is central to chiropractic care.

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Nutrition goes beyond weight loss — a healthy diet focused on natural foods improves your body's composition and muscle-to-fat ratio, helping you achieve better health overall to last a lifetime.

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A healthy body starts with the right mindset. We believe a healthy lifestyle supports nutrients for optimal brain function, stress management, and good sleep patterns.

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Oxygen & Exercise

Exercise helps your body increase oxygen levels and lean muscle, helping reduce fat and improve performance while increasing your ability to fight stress, anxiety, and other illnesses.

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Minimize Toxins

Minimize Toxins: Harmful chemicals surround us every day in our lives — our program supports the body's natural ability to cleanse itself, resulting in long-lasting positive effects.

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Doctor's Blog

Hear from our leading experts on the topics of health, nutrition, and optimization.

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